Let’s talk about Roxy Lalonde


Has anyone done this before? Probably. Idk I wanted to talk about her. 


Roxy Lalonde strikes me as one of the saddest and strongest characters in Homestuck. I know people like to fawn over Dirk and the rough time he is currently going through, but let’s talk about Roxy for a bit. 

Roxy, just like Dirk, raised herself. Alone. Unlike Dirk, however, she did not have the ability to build her own robots to raise her for her- She had the carapaces, sure, but I feel as if a lot of the time it was HER taking care of THEM. I do believe it mentions about her feeding them at some point. She was a little girl who grew up in a big place without a lot to explore, but still always having to hide. Always looking out for her life from the time that she could hold a weapon.


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Game Grumps - WHAT IS THIS

So far this is the best reaction to a glitch I’ve seen them do. And you better appreciate it because you have no idea the hoops I had to jump through just to trim out this little piece.

Reblogging because yeah.

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